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Lead Roofing Glasgow

Expert Lead roof repairs and installs from Essence Roofing and Building Services.
Lead Roofing Glasgow

We can help with regards to repairs and installs of Lead Flashings, Box Gutters, Lead Run-out Valleys, bay windows, Eave Gutters, Window Flashing and Bespoke leadwork.

Lead has been used in the construction of roofs for a long time. This is due to the durability of the material, it’s flexibility in roofing applications and its resistance to  erosion. In fact there are cases of lead work in roofs lasting for over a 100 years!

Lead material for roofs come in various sizes and have different thickness depending on your needs. These thicknesses and their associated weights are differentiated by a coding system from code 3 to code 8. The most popularly used lead types are code 4 and code 5. These categories of lead are very versatile and can be used for most applications around a roof safely.

Picking the wrong category of lead can cause major problems later on so it’s imperative your roofer picks the right quality of material from day 1.

A rule of thumb is that the thicker the lead installed the longer it should last. That does not mean you use the thickest lead possible everywhere but you should use the type of lead best suited to the specific application intended on the roof depending on the circumstances.

Lead is almost invariably used around roof junctions where one section of the roof meets another and allows the transfer of water away from the property safely to the gutters.

Lead can be cut and shaped by hand to suit virtually every type of situation and can fit perfectly around various structural areas of your roof.

Our team have decades of experience in installing and repairing lead roofs in Glasgow and surrounding areas in all types of building.