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All roof tiles are man made materials as opposed to slate. Tiles are commonly made from cement, fired clay or concrete

Tiles are as popular a roof covering as slate if not more so. Tiled roofs really became prominent during tenement renovations in the 1960’s.

Tiled roofs installed from the 1980s onwards are likely to be coming to the end of their lifespan and may well need replaced.

There many different types of roof tiles. The most common ones include pantiles, plain tiles and roman roof tiles.

Pantiles are very popular in Scotland and can be identified by their distinctive “S” shape.

Plain tiles are rectangular tiles that overlap significantly to provide a watertight barrier.

Roman roof tiles are which are flat with either 1 (single roman) or 2 rolls (double roman) in the middle.

Although there are many more kinds of roof tiles some of which are fairly new to the market and have not been tested over time as thoroughly as their more popular counterparts.


  • You have more choice as to what shape and colour you want your roof to look.
  • Larger tiles can result in an overall cheaper roof to install as less tiles are required overall to cover the same space.
  • Tiles are long lasting for most purposes. Maybe not as long lasting as slates but for the cost versus value ratio tiles don’t do too bad either.

Essence Roofing Glasgow are expert roof tilers and have succesfully repaired many broken tiles and installed many new tiled roofs.

We offer 10 year guarantees with all new tiled roof installations and use only expert roof tilers.

For a survey and no obligation quote for your tiled roof please call us on 0141 570 9152.