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UPVC Roofline/Cladding Glasgow

Essence Roofing and building services are masters of installing UPVC roofline and cladding materials.

Your roofline is basically the soffits, fascia and cladding in areas where the roof meets your exterior walls.

This is quite a vulnerable spot in a property and hence the materials used here must be hard wearing, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Most roofline systems these days are composed of UPVC. UPVC is a strong durable and long lasting material which looks great when installed on homes. It’s easy to clean and if installed properly can last for many years with little to no maintenance involved.

Our team have installed thousands of uPVC roofline fixtures and guttering. Ranging from standard domestic dwellings to large old style sandstone buildings we have done it all and can do the same for you.

We offer a range of styles and colours to choose from so your roofline can be customised to suit your property and individual needs.

Below is a picture of one our jobs with texts and a quick guide to the elements that compose most roofline structures. This may aid you when discussing your requirements with us and is always good information to know.

UPVC Roofline Glasgow


The fascia are the boards that run horizontally where your roof meets the exterior walls. Usually these boards are attached to the roof trusses. These boards provide support for the gutters and the tiles at the end of the roof.


The soffit is the area directly below the fascia also running horizontally to the fascia but at a 90 degree angle. These offer extra support and protection for the roofline. Some degree of ventilation is usually a part of the soffit to prevent moisture or mould from developing inside this area.


Bargeboards are essential the fascia installed at sloping sections of the roofline.


Cladding is a material that is attached to the exterior wall usually directly below the roofline. Cladding can provide benefits with regards to extra insulation and can cover up unattractive areas of the property like brick or wood work.

Dry verges

These are essentially ridge tiles or end caps installed at the end of the roof. These provide additional durability for your roof and can be nicer to look at.