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Updated 5/12/2019

For a quick roof repair glasgow quote from a quality local roofer call us on 0141 570 9152.

We often get called by people all over Glasgow who have experienced some bad weather and ended up with a leak in their roof or in some bad cases tiles or slates being blown off by high winds.

In cases like these, we always advise- regardless of which roof repair specialist you use- that you should get the damage assessed and repaired by a competent roofer as soon as possible.

There is one very good reason for this. It almost always works out CHEAPER in the long run.

A roofs main job is to keep the elements out of your home not just because a dry and warm home is comfortable but also because it is structurally sound as rain, ice and wind don’t work well with other structural components of your home.

Neglecting essential roof repairs just leads to bigger problems down the road as the problem gets worse and more material and time is required to fix a bigger problem.

Well, here at Essence roofing and building services we are based in the south of Glasgow and have been fixing peoples roofs for well over a decade now with a high customer satisfaction rate and at great prices.

We rarely have any call-backs due to defective workmanship and are full members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors so you can be rest assured me and my team are the people to speak to when looking for a local and reliable roof repair specialist.

We deal with all types of roofs regardless of whether its tiles, slates or a flat roof.


Broken or missing tiles & slates

Over time your roof components begin to wear out and at times tiles and slates can crack allowing rain to get in. This of course is something you do not want to see as very quickly the water will make its way through your plasterboard and onto the flooring of a room in your home. We routinely replace and repair areas where tiles and slates have been damaged or blown off by high winds.

Broken gutters or blocked gutters

A gutter keeps all the water that hits your roof away from your walls as it falls down and takes it to where it needs to go. When a gutter fails, and water begins to impact the wall of your home you can get moisture entering your roughcasting or pebbledash causing it to come off which creates its own set of problems (apart from looking ugly). Sometimes the gutters simply become blocked in which case we simply clean them to allow the water to flow through smoothly. We can repair or replace or unblock your gutters at great prices and make sure that your home is well protected.

Water accumulation

In some areas of a roof -especially where there is lead flashing- the water can begin to pool if the lead flashing has not been fitted well. Over time this pool of water can grow affected other areas in ways that they were not designed to handle. This is usually a bigger problem with flat roofs but can affect other roof types as well. We can apply a number of different types of fixes to this problem.

Mortar falling out of joints -Repointing of roof ridges

Sometimes the mortar -which is basically the glue that holds your ridge tiles together- can begin to deteriorate allowing water into your home. We can apply a fresh bed of mortar to your ridges making sure that they are as good as new.

Loose or damaged flashing

Your flashing is the sort of smooth material that is fitted around your Velux windows, dormers and chimneys. They are usually made from aluminium or galvanised steel.  Flashing makes sure that water doesn’t get into those parts of the roof by moving the water in another direction of the roof.

Over time the caulking holding the flashing in place may dry out or another component of the flashing may deteriorate allowing water in. We can repair or replace your flashing to make sure this doesn’t happen.

So, if you need absolutely any type of roof repair then do give me a call on 0141 570 9152.

(If you do not get a hold of me then please do leave a voice message as I may be up on a roof with my team and I will endeavour to call you back asap once I am back on the ground.)

How do we identify problems with your roof?

Well, firstly we will do an external survey from the ground to see if any tiles or slates are missing or damaged. We may also look at the pointing of the ridges on the roof and the quality of the lead work and if there is any damage to the lead work.

We may also use heavy duty ladders and possibly specialist roof ladders to do a closer expert inspection to see in detail all the above-mentioned points as well as other factors and assess what works are required and how serious a requirement they are.

Another type of inspection we regularly do is a loft survey as quite often this shows very quickly the extent of any potential damage to the property. Especially if the loft ceiling is sagging, is wet, or you can see daylight coming through.

We may also check the internal vents in the property to make sure that any steam that enters them is going straight outside and isn’t ending up in the loft where the water build up over time can cause all sorts of mould and rot do develop which is never a good thing for your home.

Checking the gutters of a property can also be very important in determining the level and extent of any damage as they will quite often collect components of the roof that have come loose.

Also if the gutters are not draining water away from the property then this may be a warning sign as a build-up of water anywhere in this kind of areas can be a strong indicator of future problems.

Having surveyed the property thoroughly and taken on board your feedback we will recommend any potential repairs or in some cases replacement.

We always do our best to give you honest advice and never mislead customers into unnecessary repairs or replacing a whole roof.

At the end of the day we always stress to our customers that it is their choice what they want to do and our job to guide them as best as we can.

We always look to prevent problems from occurring and do our best to keep your repair bill in the realms of what would be reasonably expected for high-quality work.

We also use aerial drones in a lot our surveys nowadays as it allows us to check areas that may otherwise be difficult or costly to access so even if your roof is too high for ladders and you are worried about the survey potentially requiring scaffolding chances are we may be able to give you a pleasant surprise by using our drone to do the roof inspection.

You have in most cases spent a lot of money buying your home but if you neglect this very important part of the maintenance and general upkeep of your property it can cause you to lose far more money than what you can save by not taking care of your roof.

For a quote for roof repairs glasgow call me on 0141 570 9152.