Velux roof window installation in your home or business not only results in an elegant and modern look but also provides much needed natural light along with fresh air. Essence Roofing & Building Services are proud to offer a full Velux window installation service to customers right across Glasgow and central Scotland.

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Our Skilled and qualified team has experience of fitting Velux windows in both modern build homes and more traditional properties across Glasgow.

It is pertinent to note that Velux windows fitted by Essence Roofing & Building Services, all come with a 10-year “Insurance Backed Guarantee” for added peace of mind.

Benefits Of Natural Light:

Natural lighting has many benefits in a property including:

  • Velux windows provide both pleasant natural light and help to cool a home in hot weather.
  • There is a cost saving as well as the resultant decrease in demand for energy in the form of lighting and temperature control.It is estimated almost 47% of the energy in a domestic dwelling is consumed by lightning and temperature control devices.

Benefits of Velux/roof windows:

Essence Building are highly experienced in installing Velux windows in Scotland. We have a lot of expertise and technical knowledge surrounding the topic of Velux windows. Through our years of industry research we have heard of studies mentioning the following:

  • Velux windows allow up to 18% more natural daylight into your home.
  • Natural lighting reduces eye strain in comparison to other home lighting methods which can be more burdensome to the eye.
  • Natural light not only prevents depression in adults but reduces stress levels as well.
  • Vitamin D is often obtained through exposure to sunlight. It contains several benefits like regulation in the immune system, maintaining body weight, and control in asthma symptoms. More windows mean more natural sunlight which means more Vitamin D.

Apart from health and energy-saving benefits, natural light through Velux windows makes spaces appear larger & more illuminating. This increases the attractiveness of your living space.

What are my next steps if I want to discuss your Velux Window Installation Service?

Simply call us on 0141 570 9152 to discuss your requirements.

Essence Roofing & Building Services will visit your home/business for a site survey and to take measurements and discuss all the various available options available. Our skilled team will assess if roof windows are the right fit for your home. We will offer a competitive and value for money quote in writing if required.

If you choose to proceed then we will arrange a suitable date and time for the works to begin and take all necessary steps in installing your velux windows quickly, safely and to a high standard.

Essence Roofing & Building Services as members of the Confederation Of Roofing Contractors offer 10 year insurance backed guarantees on all works so you have total peace of mind when you employ us to do your work.