Roof installation or repair is one of the most important home improvement projects taken up by homeowners. The need for new roofing could arise due to any number of reasons. It could be wear and tear over the years, fixing another cowboy roofers poor workmanship or just repairing some weather related damage.

Homeowners in the Glasgow area can find it difficult to find a good roofer in the area. If you are looking to get new tiles or slates  installed on your roof or if you want to get the existing roof repaired then I would like to assure you that Essence Roofing and Building services are  the best roofers in Glasgow Southside to talk to.

At Essence Roofers Glasgow, we understand that it is easy to find a lot of businesses which offer the services you’re looking for but it’s not easy to tell which one of them is the best.

Training, Experience, and Insurance

The first thing we have as the best roofers in Glasgow Southside is proper training, experience and insurance. We use only time served tradesmen who are city and guilds qualified. Insurance comes in as a necessity. Roofing is not an easy job and there is just so much that can go wrong even when the most skilled workers are on the job. If the company you’re hiring has proper insurance like us you can be rest assured that you will not be liable to cover the cost of damages due to accidents or other unforeseen events.

We Know our craft

The second thing that should help you choose us as the best roofers in Glasgow Southside is our knowledge of materials and roof construction techniques. You should always read up to some degree as to what materials and processes are involved in a roofing project. If a contractor does not provide you with suitable information, you might just be dealing with amateurs. We of course can talk to you at length about the structure of most roofs and the best materials to use.

Estimated Time and Cost

As the best roofers in Glasgow Southside we will provide you an estimated cost of the project and an estimated time frame in which the project will be completed.We discuss the entire project with you at length, including the estimated time and cost.

A trusted service

As a roofing company we know how important a reputation is and ours thankfully is a good one. We receive a lot of word of mouth referrals. As well as word of mouth referrals we have excellent reviews on many different 3rd party review sites by delighted customers which we have found over the years really reassures new clients that we are the best roofing contractors to go to in the Glasgow.

Essence Roofing and Building

At Essence Roofing and Building, you can count on us to get quality services as one of the best roofers in Glasgow Southside. We offer specialised services when it comes to the installation of brand new tiles and slate roofs in the area. We can assure you of all of the things discussed above and more.

If you want more information about getting your roofing job done for your home just call us at 07455005843.

I’d be more than happy to help!